About Me

My training is in an integrative model of arts psychotherapy, which combines psychodynamic, relational and humanistic elements, underpinned by neuroscience. I also work with creative process, exploring sensory expressions derived through art making, creative writing, metaphor and mindfulness. I find this forges a gentle and direct bridge to our inner landscapes, particularly when words are not enough.

Working with compassion and non-judgement, I support people in their process of self-discovery. When we begin to make sense of feelings, memories and patterns of behaviour, we begin to reconnect to our authentic selves. As restrictive patterns dissolve, new choices emerge. Different ways of relating to ourselves, others and our lives become possible, which can lead to positive changes to our wellbeing.

Qualifications and Experience

M.A. Integrative Arts Psychotherapy
P.G.Cert. Therapeutic Arts & Counselling Skills
M.A. Myth, Literature and the Unconscious
Licensed practitioner of NLP
P.G.Dip. Journalism 

I have provided psychotherapy in many settings: The Priory Group, South London and the Maudsley (NHS complex personality disorder service), Oxleas (NHS Women’s service), One in Four (childhood trauma charity), Family Action, The Maypole Project, a school and private practice.

I deliver continuous professional development lectures and workshops for fellow therapists.

Mandy Bruce

Integrative Arts Psychotherapist

Compassion and Non-judgement

When Geshe Lama Ahbay Tulku Rinpoche came to visit, we took time to consider mindfulness and meditation as helpful approaches to awareness and acceptance.

We thought about the challenges and benefits of living compassionately and creatively with ourselves and one another.

We also enjoyed plenty of tea and cake!

I am accredited with the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC), no. AS16452 and a registered member of the British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT), no. 45986.

I adhere to the ethical standards and principles of these organisations, including regular clinical supervision and Professional Development courses.